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A Letter To Daddy


     I know you don't really want a dog but I want a dog to be my companion.  Specifically speaking, a CAROLINA DOG.  I know that a dog would affect the whole family but I think there would be more positive effects than negative effects.  Originally I asked for a Labrador Retriever but since you said that you didn't want a large dog I'm trying to compromise.  I've done a lot of research on the Carolina Dog breed and this is some of the information I've found on various websites:

1.  They are noted for the absolute gentleness of their nature.  They don't bite the hand that feeds them, the wives or children of the hand that feeds them, or visitors.

2.  Carolina dogs love to swim and will far outlast a lab in the water.  They make excellent retrievers for water, and unlike other breeds, do not have the "wet dog" smell.  In fact they have very little smell about them at any time.

carolina dog
carolina dog
Carolina Dog
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