Frequencies of external body phenotypes of 488 roadside sightings of free-ranging dogs in the southeastern United States, centering around the U.S. Department of Energy's Savannah River Site (SRS) in west-central South Carolina. Dogs showing a generalized body morphotype typical of the Australian Dingo/Carolina Dog (="Long-term Pariah": shown in black) were more abundant on and around the lands of the SRS, which are closed to public access, and were less common in rural areas, small towns (pop. 500- 10,000) or urban areas (pop. > 10,000). Dogs whose phenotypes suggested conformation to the standard of some recognized domestic breed (shown in white) showed the opposite pattern, being least abundant on and around the SRS. The distribution of phenotypes differed significantly between study areas (X 22.08; df=11; P<= 0.05). However, when data from the SRS were deleted, the distribution of phenotypes no longer differed significantly between the remaining three study areas (X = 9.07; df=8; P>0.05).