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The American Dingo/Carolina Dog...Linking us to Prehistory

In the News
Newspaper & Magazine Articles
Featuring the Carolina Dog

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  Southern Living, May 2010

  Dog Fancy, October 2010

  Aiken Family Magazine, Spring 2011

  Dog World, Rare Breed Issue, September 2010

  CAES & CIA, December 2010


The September 2006 Issue of Dog World Magazine
Discover Rare Breeds
  features the Carolina Dogs

The Augusta Chronicle
Augusta, GA August 22, 1999

Dog Fancy Magazine, April 1999

Old Mutt on the Porch Might be Related to Carolina Dog
The State, Columbia, SC August 23, 1999
Ancient Carolina Dogs a Prized Breed
The State, Columbia, SC June 26, 1999
New Pets are Breed Apart
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution May 9, 1998
More to come...

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